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Will Poulter wears Dior

Will Poulter wears Dior

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Will Poulter is a name that’s been floating around the acting world since his boisterous character in ‘Son of Rambow’ in 2008. Then came roles in Netflix’s ‘Bandersnatch’, Katheryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’, and no one can forget when he bared all in ‘We’re The Millers’... What rings out about the 30-year-old are his boundless capabilities in slipping into the skin of varying and dynamic characters – roles that have made Poulter one of the UK’s most exciting on-screen talents. 

Covering HUNGER 28, the actor discusses why he’s now prioritising his mental health and what it means to take his place in the Marvel universe…

Will Poulter wears Dior

Photography by Rankin
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Writer Ryan Cahill
Fashion by Ellie Witt
Grooming by Nadia Altinbas
Photography Assistants Olly Dundas, Bethan Evans, Alex Heron, Marcus Lister, Chelsea Nawanga 
Fashion Assistants Sandra Blazinskaite
Producer Sarah Stanbury
Production Assistant Emy Dentler
Digital Artwork True Black Studio
Location Kensington Palace With Kind Permission Of Historic Royal Palaces

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