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Lily Allen wears Kenzo

Lily Allen wears Kenzo

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Divorce, stalkers, addiction; Lily Allen has been through it all. Since bursting onto the scene in trainers and a sundress back in 2006, the musician-cum-actor has barely had a break, until now. Having traded London for New York, Allen chats to HUNGER about recovering from a life put up for public consumption. 

People may think I’m retreating, but I’m done being at the forefront,” she tells HUNGER.

Lily Allen wears Kenzo

Photography by Rankin
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Deputy Editor Nessa Humayun 
Fashion by Kyle De’Volle 
Make-Up by Gina Kane at Caren
Hair Stylist Naomi Regan
Manicurist Michelle Humphrey at LMC Worldwide
Photography Assistants Olly Dundas, Bethan Evans, Alex Heron, Marcus Lister 
Fashion Assistant Vivian Nwonka 
Makeup Assistant Rachael Thomas
Producer Sarah Stanbury
Digital Artwork True Black Studio

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