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Jess Alexander wears Herno Resort '23

Jess Alexander wears Herno Resort '23

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“I think cinema reflects the societies we’re in. I think
it particularly reflects the youngest generation that’s watching film. If they are influenced by film they’re going to learn from those things and they’re going to grow up with those influences around them. Why not give that to a whole new generation of kids that are going to watch The Little Mermaid for the first time?”

Jess Alexander is one of the most exciting acting talents around right now, and jumping from her role as a possessed girl in Ruth Paxton’s A Banquet to Vanessa in this year’s highly-anticipated Disney remake of The Little Mermaid proves just that.

For HUNGER 28, Alexander talks about navigating the days when acting was just a dream, and what it meant when she drove through the gates of Pinewood Studios for the first time…

Jessica wears Herno Resort 2023 

Photography by Rankin
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Deputy Editor Ry Gavin 
Fashion and Beauty Editor Marco Antonio
Hair Stylist Sharmaine Cox
Talent Jessica Alexander
Photography Assistants Olly Dundas, Bethan Evans, Alex Heron, Marcus Lister, Chelsea Nawanga 
Producer Sarah Stanbury
Production Assistant Emy Dentler
Digital Artwork True Black Studio

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