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Eddie Marsan wears Sandro

Eddie Marsan wears Sandro

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Becoming an actor was no easy ride for Eddie Marsan. In his early days he lost out on big roles to conventionally good-looking kids with rich parents and he was cornered year on year by how the industry couldn’t see beyond his upbringing – that of an east Londoner raised on a council estate. Soon, playing a mean-mannered bloke from that world was all that the industry wanted from him. 
It took some advice from fellow actor Mark Strong and an extended trip to the US to play Parkinson’s sufferer and boxing coach Terry Donovan in the global hit series ‘Ray Donovan’ to cement Marsan as an actor whose reach stretches much further than the industry’s perceptions of him.

For the latest issue of HUNGER, the 54-year-old discusses how he broke free from being pigeonholed, the similarities in the darker sides of his characters, and why the acting world should allow people to transcend themselves. 

Eddie Marsan wears Sandro 

Photography by Rankin
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Fashion by Adele Cany
Beauty Editor Marco Antonio
Hair Editor Nick Irwin using Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label and WAHL Professional Styling Tools
Photography Assistants Olly Dundas, Bethan Evans, Alex Heron, Marcus Lister, Chelsea Nawanga 
Producer Sarah Stanbury
Digital Artwork True Black Studio

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