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Camila Mendes covers the Survival Mode issue in TOD's

Camila Mendes covers the Survival Mode issue in TOD's

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“I can walk away from this experience feeling that it was a significant chapter of my life that I’ll never forget, and I’m glad we’re ending it on such a high.”

 Over the past six years, Camila Mendes has spent ten months each year playing Veronica Lodge in the CW hit series Riverdale. With its seventh series currently in production, the genre-hopping teen classic will come to an end next year, closing the door on the show that kick-started Mendes’s career. 

The Riverdale-shaped mould of her career is about to melt away, and with that comes the opportunity to choose her future. While most actors leaving a revered long-running TV show might feel panicked about their “make or break moment”, Mendes appears pretty calm and collected. 

“It feels exciting in the sense that it’s the beginning of a new chapter.”

Looking ahead to a future beyond Riverdale, the Hollywood actress discusses with HUNGER leaving her famous role behind, taking a break from social media, and her means of survival.

Camila wears TOD’s

Photography by Rachell Smith
Writer Ryan Cahill
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Creative Direction and Design Kat Beckwith
Fashion by Avigail Collins at Forward Artists
Makeup by Jen Tioseco at The Wall Group
Hair Stylist Owen Gould at The Wall Group
Tailor and Seamstress Martin Zepeda
Photography Assistants Kate Whelan and Stephen Goldstein
Producers Rachell Smith and Kate Whelan

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