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Sugababes photographed by Rankin

Sugababes photographed by Rankin

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The Babes are Back! Considered as British pop royalty in the early Noughties with a legacy that has cemented the band as one of the UK’s most beloved girl groups of all time, Sugababes are well and truly back. 

For HUNGER 28, the princesses of pop discuss how they’re embracing their colossal return to music. 

Photography by Rankin
Editorial Director Devinder Bains
Writer Ryan Cahill
Fashion by Adele Cany
Beauty Editor Marco Antonio
Hair Editor Nick Irwin
Photography Assistants Olly Dundas, Alex Heron, Chelsea Nawanga
Fashion Assistants Lauren Glazer, Habon, Patricia Humm, Alanana Newton
Hair Assistant Alex Sarghe
Producer Sarah Stanbury
Production Assistant Emy Dentler
Digital Artwork True Black Studio

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